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It is the highest academic degree that can be had beyond Master Degree.

The minimum qualification required for getting admitted to PhD program are:

  • For PhD in Engineering/Technology: Bachelor Degree (Engineering/Technology) OR Master Degree (Engineering/Technology)
  • For PhD in Non-Engineering/Technology: Master Degree (Non-Engineering/Technology)

Status of your chosen institution

The rank of the institution matters in case of Bachelor or Master degrees where the syllabus, professors of international repute, examination standard etc. make the difference. But PhD is a different type of program where you have to find out something new in some form with the world as the boundary. You are just utilizing the resources of the institution. Your research work must be recognized by a reputed international journal where the reviewers will give you rating. If you get a lower rating being a candidate from a reputed institution than a candidate with higher rating from a low ranked institution, you will fall behind. It is obvious that the judges are not only from your institution but also from international community of scientists/researchers from different institutions worldwide.


Duration: 6 months or 1 year

What is there in Coursework

At least 3 papers (one of them is Research Methodology, the others may be related to your specific research domain).

After completion of coursework

You will be offered a research area as available with the institution along with a supervisor from the department/school of your admission. If your research area relates to more than one stream, you may opt for a co-supervisor from the other departments/schools.

After allocation of research area and a supervisor

Start doing literature survey, explore the works and note down what others have done till date over the chosen area.

After an exhaustive search, identify a problem area yet to be solved.

After identifying a problem area

Start collecting data, thinking over an algorithm or any other matter according to your research.

After solving the problem

Submit a paper to an international journal and start writing thesis so that you can complete it within 6 months.

You will be called for a Defense Program where you will have to defend your research work against counterattacks by the experts who will definitely try to find out flaw in your work and prove you wrong.

Overcome this defense and wait for the phone call when somebody from the institution will call you and say, 

Congratulations Dr. X, the Doctoral Committee of the Institution is pleased to award you PhD degree!!

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