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Welcome UGC NET aspirant. UGC NET Computer Science solved papers with answer key and explanation of each question are provided including in-depth foundation.


A brief talk

After an intensive search, you are in the right place for getting something which you were looking for over months. Answering the questions blindly may lead to the correct option but without proper explanation, you still remain in the dark that will ultimately be frustrating to take the challenge of taking examinations like UGC NET. When you choose an option, you have to be reasonable why a particular option is correct and why the other ones are not. To go in this way, you must have the knowledge and command over the specific topic that will spirally centre to the correct option.

Probability theory says that out of 4 options, a random selection has 1/4th chance of clicking the correct answer and 3/4th chance of clicking the wrong answer. So it is just a coincidence that people get high score without proper knowledge and preparation for an examination like this. The percentage of these people is very low to become one of them. So why take a chance? Remember that you are a Master Degree holder and you must have in-depth knowledge over your subject domain. And you are going to stand before the class full of Computer Science undergraduate students who are eagerly waiting for your lectures, notes, philosophy and other qualities that you have to share with them.

So without wasting time anymore, just click on desired paper on the menu above and go ahead.


One apology

All the papers have not been solved yet. Until and unless all the questions of a particular paper been solved with proper explanation, the pages will not be uploaded. This website does not merely copy the correct choices of the previous papers from the official website of UGC NET. Gradually the questions are being solved and will be uploaded within a short time. Please visit this website from time to time to see the latest solved pages.